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it was a terrorist attack. four people were killed including ambassador christopher stevens and shawn smith. smith's mother told fox news she had a hard time getting any information on how her son was killed. >> leon pineda shook his hands to my face and said, trust me, i will tell you the truth. i will get the right information to you. just trust me. and when i heard that i knew i couldn't trust him. i don't trust any of them any more. they lied. >> during last week's debate he defended them saying they were unaware of a request for adding more security on the ground. they claim the president bung elled the operation. some republicans are suggesting the obama administration is involved in a cover up. >> either they are misleading the american people or incredibly incompetent. you couldn't believe it was based on a riot that never occurred. >> at the top levels the united states is responsible for everything that happens on his watch. these were judgments that were made by the security folks at the state department. we are going to review that whole process and see how that decision was made why t
? it was a gift. >> that attack killed ambassador stevens will be the topic they focus on as they look at foreign policy. campaign surrogates on sunday talk shows had to explain how dangerous the world is pointing out iran's nuclear intentions security concerns in afghanis n afghanistan, china's growing power and more. >> people want to know they have a strong steady hand and they don't want people who are consistently wrong on foreign policy as governor romney has. >> the current president has a different vision of the world. part of the failure this president has had is a failure of broad goals real goals a view of america's role and the world should be. we have never gotten that from the president. we haven't gotten from the president his plan for the future. >> each candidates talked about there are two visions for american people to decide. tonight's 90 minute faceoff takes place at boca raton, florida. both candidates spent the weekend preparing for this final debate knowing millions of americans will be watching closely. in such a tight race as this both know servieverything is at stake.
and then she was fired. debbie stevens was unjustly fired from her job at a long island car dealership. this paves the way for stevens to file a $15 million lawsuit against the dealership and her former boss. >>> were the san diego chargers caught cheating during sunday's game? line ref claims he confiscated a towel from an equipment manager that had a banned sticky substance on it. the substance helps players grab and hold on to the ball. the team denies the claims. the nfl is investigating. >>> it is time now for your brew on this responses. last night president obama and mitt romney squared off in their third and final debate. we want to know did it influence your decision? >> here are some of your responses. the debate served to strengthen my opinion that governor romney is very ready to become president. >> paul caruso tweeted us i am sticking with romney. last night didn't change anything for me. what foreign experience did obama have? none. >> tom says no tonight's debate had no effect on my decision. the first debate told me all i need to do know. >> thank you to all who respon
security there the state department contract officer actually shut that down. steven haze who is also a fox news contributor spoke about the seriousness of the developments last night on special report. listen to this. >> it is significant. we find more and more details coming out that are problematic for the situation and suggest we aren't getting the entire story from the outset. you had susan rice and others who are suggesting that the consulate was as well secured as it could have been not only security contractors on the ground providing security for the building itself but many members. made it sound like a big team. it appears that's not the case. we learned two other things in the past 36 hours that present additional problems. we have heard about this telephone intercept between al qaeda linked groups about the attack. we know that phone call took place immediately after the attack and the administration had access quickly after the attack. the question is, if they knew that if they had access to that information so quickly after the attack why wouldn't it shared with the american
the full itinerary for the murdered ambassador chris stevens and the emergency protocol and the libyans that were hired to protect the consulate. two security guards were guarding the compound. there is a five person panel investigating the attack. loved ones preparing to final farewell to border patrol agent nicholas ivy. agents and residents paying their respects. a funeral is next yeek. he made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his country. >> you literally risk all. he was willing to do that and in the end gave his all. in the meantime fox news confirming that people have been questioned in mexico about the shooting. mexico and border patrol and f.b.i. denying reports that two people have been arrested. there is good news. the second border patrol agent now is out of the hospital. he is a bounty on his head. a massachusetts man indicted in 2009, traveling from pistan to yemen all learning how to kill american soldiers. it is believed that the 31 year old left the united states in 2006 and may be living in syria with his wife and one child. he has duel citizenship and syrian citizens
is the former ambassador to chad and was associate director of counter servism. he steps in for chris stevens who was killed in an attack at p benghazi. >> it was not a disruption. the defense lawyer for major nadal hassan. this happening inside an appeals court yesterday as they argued hassan to be allowed to keep that beavered. they claim an army judge over stepped his authority in ordering him to shave off the beard or be force pli shaved. he put all court proceedings on hold. hassan says making him shave it off violates his religious rights. >> this in the newsroom for the space shuttle endeavor. leaving the hangar at lax to the new home of the california science center. endeavor will be traveling at a ways of two-miles per hour. it will be making two stops that will last more than 6 hours to raise power lines. it is expected to reach the museum tomorrow night. >> don't you want to see that live. >>> it is time for your first degree weather update for janfr janice dean. >> hi there ladies. happy friday to you. this weekend we could have a severe weather outbreak. a lot of cities and place
is a white house. the united nations first protested an anti muslim film. chris stevens is not clear what if anything she was basing that on. the state department said it wasn't them. according to one official that was not our conclusion. h this as congress gets ready for hearings today. >> the thought that it was caused by a video never wouldn't stood scrutiny. i think the hearing will be damaging damaging. >> the white house denies there was a cover up. this and the fbi investigation continues. >>> looking at the attacks the reason for people in congress being mindful of the fact there's ongoing investigation and not reveal anything that might compromise our law enforcement investigation. >>> beyond all that there will be questions about the security at the compound and whether there were warning signs that should have prompted the state department beefing up security detail. they had a big conference call about this last night. they did not invite fox to be a part of that with other members of the media something the state department later apologized for. >> from libya to iraq it is ti
armed people fired shots. explosions have been heard as well. ambassador stevens currently in benghazi and four personnel are in the compound safe haven. the next e-mail 50 minutes later update number one u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi svu the firing has stopped and the compound has been cleared. a response team on-site is attempting to locate personnel. and this third e-mail. 6:07 p.m. eastern time on 9-11. it says the group claims responsibility -- the subject line is update number 2 al suria claims responsibility. the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. the state department designated him as an al qaeda affiliated group trying to set up in eastern libya. this story just began breaking late last night. so far today no comment from the white house or state department yet as to why obama administration officials were calling this a spontaneous reaction to an internet video for weeks afterward. back to you in new york. >>> these latest developments about the attack on our libyan consulate are what john bolton and sarah p
stevens and other americans were hiding out. the shelter we know was a cia state house was a kilometer away from the consulate and the new e-mail was sent at 11:57 on september 11th the night of the attack while the attack was still underway. it didn't say anything about an angry mob that was enrageed by a movie trailer but it says state department personnel were under attack by mortar fire. even though we now know within hours that they were under attack by mortar fire we also now know the man in custody right now connected to the attacks posted something on facebook about what was going on right around the time that it was happening on the 11th of september. secretary clinton said yesterday that didn't mean anything concrete. >> posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence i think it just under scores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be. >> secretary clinton also said yesterday that despite what all of these leaked e-mails say the press shouldn't jump to conclusions. >> the independent accountability review board is already hard
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)